Open process, clear communication

We're not formulaic, we approach each company as a unique opportunity. We get to know you and truly understand your business -- the market, customers, business model, products, and services. We get to work quickly and won't waste your time.

Easy to work with

We work hard to make the fundraising process productive for you. We never forget that you already have a full-time job -- building your company. There's no mysterious "investment committee" process for you to navigate.


Our fund size and investment strategy allow us to put the right amount of money to work at the right time -- whether an initial seed-stage investment (e.g., $250,000) or a larger growth round (e.g., $4 million). We have the resources to help you through the entire lifecycle of your company.

An active and trusted partner

When we invest in a company, we work closely with the executive team as board members and active advisors. To us, that means helping you succeed without getting in the way. It also means committing time and resources when you need support. From introductions to customer prospects, to recruiting team members, to help with strategy, we strive to have a meaningful impact on the success of your business.

About Longworth